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<i>OB-XR TRAILER</i><i>UNIT 03</i>
<i>OB-XR TRAILER</i><i>UNIT 03</i>
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Compact BE-trailer 4M/E's for 14 camera's, multiple Aximmetry servers for virtual setups at location.


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Compact BE-trailer 4M/E's for 14 camera's, multiple Aximmetry servers for virtual setups at location. Place for 6 operators. Connection to the venue through 1 fiber.

First and foremost, this trailer is a full-fledged OB unit:
With 4 M/E 8K capable production switcher, 14 camera inputs, Slo-Mo/Replay option, Video playout & SVO, 2 Extended Reality/vMix server options and our well-known Live streaming, WMT and SRT connectivity services.
A second production switcher is in charge of the live streaming or videofeed to the press. This gives the possibility to continue rehearsing in the venue, while the Live streaming has already started with the intro loop or movie.
The K2 Summit SloMo-Replay machine can be used for Sport applications as SloMo replay, but also usable as live editing machine. Highlights can be edited during the show. Or broadcasting with time delay to compensate possible pauses in a liveshow, or to add commercial breaks while the show continues live in the venue.


Our OB-Trailer has now the option for livecut multicam logging, to log all of the different angles (or inputs) used in a live multi-camera production. It records with timecode precision which input the producer has selected on his vision mixer and when. It creates a multicam clip XML for Final Cut Pro X, Davinci or Adobe Premiere Pro using the logs and the files recorded. The editor can then work as he would do with any standard multicam clip to change which angle is chosen and when, as well as to modify the edit points, add effects, etc...
Markers can also be added for reminders in your timeline. For sports it can be markers for events during the game. For corporate, concerts and shows one can add markers for parts of the show, where the live edit needs a adjustments, or mark good or bad takes for example.
Another angle of LiveCut to add creative and time saving tools for your event.

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Tinkerlist OB-integration features automated script, cloud syncing, triggering SVOs, media playback on screens, and playout.

Tinkerlist is a cloud-based platform that uses real-time user collaboration, saving time and optimising workflow. It is ideal for TV shows as well as one-off events and festivals.
No more email clutter, PDFs, Excel sheets, and dozens WeTransfer links with individual files for every image, video, and prompter text. All data is synchronised across the cloud between users and the OB-trailer, which automatically syncs all the media for the playout: even last-minute changes!
No need for unnecessary hardware like USB sticks. Replace and modify the content in the rundown as you go, and the production will be immediately synced. You can now include timings, director's notes, media and other data in your script just as you normally would in Excel.
Too much information? Highlight only the necessary information by using personalised filters. Every user can now filter out information relevant to their role, whether it's a sound operator, video director, or light operator: everyone can focus on what matters the most to them in the rundown.
When prepping for a festival, Tinkerlist OB-integration proves invaluable. Creating detailed rundowns for each festival day, including fields for artist audio, video, ISO recording, and many other amazing features.
Some of them include…
* Syncing cuelist for all users & moving items in real-time
* Syncing all media for playout through the cloud
* Syncing with the prompter & easily making last minutes changes
* Syncing with the presenter tablet & going paperless
* Syncing with the CUEZ app.
* Improving workflow with a robust calendar. 

XR/AR Unit

We bring the virtual 3D-set to your event location of green-screen studio.
This XR trailer has two Virtual Reality servers on-board! Creating and configuring the virtual sets requires normally a lot of time to setup on-site and during pre-production. This is now a thing of the past as the Aximmetry servers (which can also run vMix) are build-in. We just need to drive-up to the venue, connect the camera's and calibrate the setup. No time waisted on building up on-site. The servers have the ability to use green screens, LED screens, or Extended Reality with tracked cameras (Q4 2021). Whereby graphics in 3D can be placed on top of the Live image.
Projects are made in Unreal Engine and loaded in the Aximmetry software (distributed in Belgium by where virtual camera paths and positions can be programmed and cued from a very easy User Interface and automated ATEM interface (own development). The servers can be controlled from within the XR trailer, or at the venue through a 10GBit fiber connection and Adder modules to have realtime connection.

Technical data

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Video production:
- ATEM Constellation 8K 4 M/E
- ATEM 1 M/E 4K
- 2 M/E panel
- 1 M/E panel (2 units possible)
- 4x 4K multiviews.
- 12G 40x40 / 6G 12x12 Matrix routers
- 2 Shading panels with 4 camera’s each (up to 3 units possible)
- Hyperdeck & Sumo19 recorders
- AJA FS4 unit for multiple outputs/ multi-language streaming & recording
- multiple Fiber stage racks for camera & SDI distribution at different locations of the event.
- direct link for Live-streaming
- Tinkerlist implementation for automation of events / liveshows / tv shows
- voice-over / commentator facility through fiber connection with OB-Van unit 02

- K2 Summit 3G SloMo/Replay unit with K2 Dyno remote.

- 5 URSA Broadcast camera’s on fiber (can be extended to 8 camera’s)
- 6 Birddog P4K PTZ’s on fiber
- 1 Polecam crane
- FlyCam with Ronin 2 on 200m cable

XR production
- 2 Aximmetry Broadcast DE servers / vMix servers with 6 SDI inputs - Unreal Engine Project import with DMX support
- 3D tracking of camera’s Q4 2022

Computer / Graphics
- 2 MacPro’s for OnTheAir 4K playout / Titler Live Broadcast
- Adder interfaces on 1G/10 SFP+ switches

- X32 compact & rack with MADI routing from ATEM Constellation 8K
- external AES50 S16 I/O box
- Mix-Minus for all Webpresenter HD’s
- 4 language Live-streaming
- GlennSound commentator connection
- Genelec 2.0 studio audio system Computer / Graphics
- 2 MacPro’s for OnTheAir 4K playout / Titler Live Broadcast
- Adder interfaces on 1G/10 SFP+ switches

Press area:
- separate power connection (not on UPS)
- 4 x SDI outputs for external recorders for news crews
- 4 x XLR audio (mono) for audio recording

Social Media / conferences

- place for 8 laptops with HDMI for Zoom / Teams / Skype connections
- 4 WebPresenter HD’s with mix-minus audio or different languages.
- space can be used also for production people as office space

Remote connections:
- up to 4 remote SRT connections
- WMT receiver & transmitter
- 4x 4G & SpaceX STARLINK bonding backup

- Internal 8TB BMD Cloud Store with DropBox Sync
- Internal NAS with 3TB fast SSD access through Sonnet Fiber Network
- Hyperdecks are connected to the BMD cloud store for easy transfer of recorded files
- FCPX / Davinci Resolve Station for editing.
- 12 stations with Internet / GreenGo / Control / Adder network connections
- 4X4G / STARLINK Bonding backup option
- control the laptops / computers placed inside the OB-trailer inside the venue through an external fiber box with 10G connection to Adder units with screen / mouse / keyboard

Extra facilities:
- 6x 55” Screens with easy configuration through SDI matrix
- ArtNet/sACN & 8 DMX 5-pin connections to connect lighting desk
- UV-C cleaned air & surfaces
- automatic alcohol disinfection dispenser
- Airconditioning

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- Iveco Daily Tractor Euro 6 which can enter all cities
- 8m (2x4m) desks with space for 6-8 people
- small hospitality area with seating area, coffee machine & fridge
- size: 8,8m x 2,4m x 3m driving condition
- size 8,8m x 3,6m x 3m when side wall is extended in working condition
- Trailer + Iveco Daily tractor unit around 12m
- please provide an easy access and stable underground

- 32A CEE 3P+N+E 6h 400V (load 5KVA) 24/7 on-site
- 2x 3KVA UPS units inside

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