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<i>OB-VAN</i><i>UNIT 02</i>
<i>OB-VAN</i><i>UNIT 02</i>
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NewsSpotter / WMT SNG OB-VAN with auto-pointing dish. Option with power generator for last-minute SNG assignments on location. Standaard 4 HD camera's can be connected.

Fully featured but still compact mini-OB-Van.
- NewSpotter KA-SAT service
- WMT encoder / decoder
- Bonding service with 4G and StarLink possible
- Space for 2 operators (Director + optional CCU/PT-head operator)
- Standard 4 camera's can be connected or SDI feed with embedded audio for transmission.
- Can be used as commentator unit for 2 commentators with multiple monitors and intercom.
- 1x or 2x 220V AC or Power generator. Preferable 3x400V+N 16A/32A

Technical data

Video production:
- ATEM Constellation 8K 4 M/E
- ATEM 1 M/E 4K
- 3x 4K multiviews.
- Shading panel with 4 camera’s each
- Hyperdeck
- direct link for Live-streaming
- voice-over / commentator unit through fiber connection with OB-Trailer unit 03

- 4 URSA Broadcast camera’s on fiber (can be extended to 8 camera’s)
- 4 Birddog P4K PTZ’s on fiber

Computer / Graphics
- 1 MacPro’s for OnTheAir 4K playout / Titler Live Broadcast

- X32 compact & rack with MADI routing from ATEM Constellation 8K
- external AES50 S16 I/O box
- GlennSound commentator connection
- BOSE audio stereo speaker system
- 1 MacPro’s for OnTheAir 4K playout / Titler Live Broadcast

Remote connections:
- up to 4 remote SRT connections
- WMT receiver & transmitter
- 4x 4G & SpaceX STARLINK bonding backup


- 4X4G / STARLINK Bonding backup option

Extra facilities:
- 3x 24” Screens
- desk in the length of the OB-VAN
- Airconditioning

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